Students’ thoughts on voting

Election voting is right around the corner, but many students don’t even realize it.

Students’ thoughts on voting

Across the campus of Ashland University, many students either have strong opinions or do not know there’s an election and who’s running.

Young voters are going out to vote because this is the time to let their opinions be heard.

Junior Emma Okuma believes that voting is important because “[she] has the right to and the opportunity to let [her] voice be heard.”

“Voting is a way people can input their own opinions into the society we live in to make it better for everyone,” Okuma said.

Junior Elizabeth Wild, an Ashbrook scholar, is one of the students informed on the election, but is unable to participate in this election due to living out-of-state.

“I am not voting because I live outside of the state I am registered to vote in and I am not as informed as I would like to be on the candidates running in my home state,” Wild said.

However Wild knows the importance of voting and believes that everyone should be voting.

“I think voting is important depending on the election and should be done by people who are informed and knowledgeable about candidates and will be represented by the candidates,” she said.

Wild has run into some difficulty when it comes to voting in this election.

“[As] a person living outside of the state it has been very difficult to get a mail-in ballot,” Wild said.

Wild tried requesting one and the website wouldn’t allow her to receive one. Other young voters are running into this problem and others.

Sophomore Emma Shaffer won’t be participating in this election because she isn’t registered to vote and is unaware that an election is going on.

“I never saw an article or posting about the election. I only know we vote for a president every four years and I don’t understand how often we get a new mayor,” Shaffer said.

The lack of education and news coverage has turned away many young voters from the upcoming election. To find more information about the election, people can go to

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