Ashland G.O.P holds watch party for Melanie Miller

As polls closed, the republican party celebrates Miller’s candidacy for Ohio’s 67th District

Melanie Miller and her supporters at her Election show watch party

The Ashland County Republican Party held an election party at the Good Deeds Entertainment building for Melanie Miller, the then-candidate for Ohio House of Representatives – District 67 and wife to Ashland City Mayor, Matt Miller.

The party was held in honor of Miller’s candidacy as well as Miller’s projected victory. The event was host to voters, friends, and families all supporting Miller as the polls were coming to a close.

Among the guests were county officials such as Ashland County Sheriff Wayne Risner who voiced his support for Miller saying that candidates such as Miller are the “best bet for our country” as many Americans are upset with the current politics of our nation.

Risner also mentions that the values Miller, as well as other republican candidates, bring to the table, is the will of the people and that having a woman from Ashland holding public office is a great honor.

Sheriff Risner added Miller’s stance on law enforcement is something he took great interest in.

Many at the event voiced support and praise for Miller saying that she encapsulates the values that they are most passionate about such as abortion, faith and COVID-19 issues and concerns.

Miller had this to say when asked about how she felt about the support and turnout, “Serving people is an honor. It is a privilege to be their voice and I don’t take that lightly.”

Miller also states that the people in her life had a large impact on her decision to run as well as her faith.

“I kept a journal full of all the qualities others saw in me,” said Miller. “When the 67th district opened up I felt it was the lord calling me to action.”