Archer Library 7th floor renovations underway

Hole in the wall with new room for tutoring

Archer Library renovations on the 7th floor will focus on many aspects of student life, and the faculty will put in more tutoring areas and a hangout spot for students.

“We are revitalizing the floor. We got rid of the wallpaper and put up fresh paint to make it look more modern,” Assistant Provost of Student Success, Catherine Williams said.

The carpet, which has not been changed in decades, will be replaced to last longer.

“The hole in the wall will allow more space to work with,” Williams said as she explained that the new room will include personal tutoring sessions for students that need help with their work.

The new room also contains a group tutoring station with a large whiteboard, almost like a private classroom for students to learn in.

The floor includes two new offices where students can go in and learn from personal tutors.

There will be new offices, remodeled with a facelift to have a modern look.

“We invited the art club to do a mural,” Williams said as she explained that as students are up in the floor, the students can take pictures.

Williams and the staff are letting the art club decide what they will do with the mural.

“There will be a fun campus map on another wall with vinyl, so if it does change, we can peel it off and add to it,” Williams said.

“We plan to have our snack cart back out,” Williams said, as it will contain coffee and snacks so students can feel more comfortable with the bean bag chairs that will be included as well.

The goal of the renovation will be more student-oriented instead of tutoring being out in the open, there will be other rooms for it as well as a hangout spot.

“The facilities have been great,” WIlliams said as she explained that they have been working fast and diligently around the working schedule.

The library will have a grand reveal of the seventh floor when the construction is finished.