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Editorial: Just hang in there 

Katelyn Meeks, Managing Editor March 4, 2024

We made it.   We are halfway through the semester at Ashland University for spring, and the academic year is coming to a close in just eight short weeks. Hard to believe, right?  Some will graduate...

Editorial: Eagles take flight from the nest

Sean Repuyan, Design Editor December 16, 2023

Graduation is a pivotal moment and a widely recognized transition into the “real world,” not to be confused with its MTV counterpart.   Whether you graduate on time, early or late, this is a time...

Heroine Lucy Gray makes statements throughout the film regarding the need for love and compassion as opposed to evil. 

What “The Hunger Games” can teach us about humanity 

Brittany Wachtel, Assistant Design Editor December 11, 2023

The hit series “The Hunger Games” recently released its prequel, “The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes,” a film that shines a light on current moral and ethical dilemmas across...

Editorial: Does Ashland University lack school spirit? 

Katelyn Meeks, Managing Editor October 31, 2023

 October 21 was Ashland University’s Homecoming, and each year welcomes alumni back to campus. The air on campus is filled with school spirit as alums reminisce about the good old days. This is my third...

Former adjunct instructor Ted Daniels has extensive experience in the world of Journalism with his work in The Indianapolis Star, Times-Gazette and, most recently, The Collegian, Ashland Universitys award-winning, student run and edited newspaper.

Editorial: Be a thorn in the side of the administration

Katelyn Meeks, Managing Editor August 30, 2023

The last words former adjunct instructor Ted Daniels left me with before departing the campus of Ashland University: “Be a thorn in the side of the administration.” That is what I will continue...

Letter from the Editor- Taking care of your mental health

Brynn Meisse, Features Editor March 1, 2023

As midterms start to approach and the weather becomes a mix of spring and winter, I find myself struggling with my mental health. It’s challenging to find the motivation to complete my work and even...

For all crimes or incidents on campus, contact safety services in the case of emergencies.

What does a deficit mean for student experience?

Sean Repuyan, Design Editor January 20, 2023

The recent news of the budget deficit for the 2022-2023 academic year has rocked the campus of Ashland University. After AU President Dr. Carlos Campo revealed the true deficit, those faculty and staff...


One last time to pop the bubble

Katie Foster, Reporter December 11, 2022

Four years ago, being this close to receiving my diploma seemed so far off and unfathomable. Never would I have imagined these years would mean so much to me. I always call this college community I...

Importance of the phrase, “I’m proud of you”

Bryce Shafer, Design Editor November 16, 2022

“I’m proud of you”. It’s a phrase that seems so insignificant for most. Some might go months without saying it and others go even longer without hearing it. For most it’s not really anything...

Spoiler-Free Spooks: Halloween Ends

Wesley Seyfang October 31, 2022

You can't have a spooky season and your classic monster/slasher movies such as Friday the thirteenth, Chucky, Scream and Jeepers Creepers without mentioning one of the most iconic series that has been...

Learning to Appreciate Simply Living

Ella Cummins, Visuals Editor October 26, 2022

As campus begins to get into the thick of Autumn and with half of the semester already done, I find myself beginning to burn out. It isn’t always easy being a student on campus, especially one with...

LFTE: Administration causes unmeasurable disappointment for 2022 grads

Katie Foster, Reporter September 13, 2022

The rush of sadness and disbelief was uncanny when I received a text message from the faculty advisor of The Collegian, Ted Daniels saying “Did you get a text about December commencement being canceled?”...

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