Spoiler-Free Spooks: Halloween Ends

You can’t have a spooky season and your classic monster/slasher movies such as Friday the thirteenth, Chucky, Scream and Jeepers Creepers without mentioning one of the most iconic series that has been a staple of the Horror genre year after year. The Halloween series features the dreaded killer Michael Myers just seems to be the evil that just can’t be killed. But Halloween Ends wants you to believe that this is the final showdown of the three movie reboot to the Michael Myers lineup.

Content Warning

Halloween Ends is Rated R and contains plenty of language and violence. The depictions of murder and violence are everything you would expect from the gory and brutal series of Halloween.

The Plot

Halloween Ends is the sequel to Halloween Kills and with that becomes the 13th installment of the Halloween franchise (pretty clever don’t you think), and is set in the town of Haddonfield as they are recovering from the absolute carnage Michael Myers creates in Halloween Kills. Laurie Strode seeks to live a better life and tries to live as normal a life as possible, but this all is challenged by an accidental killing that leads a young man down a dark path of enticing evil to be present within the town once again.

The Review

Everyone knows that the Halloween series is less of a horror film and more of a slasher and at times, action movie. The character as always is so great to watch in action and if you’re looking for a fun Halloween movie to watch, the relentless brutality of Michael Myers being cast down on his prey with your friends this will be an entertaining watch. But as for spookiness this movie receives a 4.5/10 Spooks. It is a fun and violently entertaining film, but it suffers from what I view as the “Fast and Furious effect” where you’ve seen everything in this movie about 13 times assuming you’ve watched the previous installments except they market this movie as the big finale of the series.

Now don’t get me wrong it is not a horrible movie but don’t go expecting a total hidden gem in the series. At the end of the movie you will not be able to leave without the satisfaction of knowing it was worth your ticket and that you got to see a beloved character in this franchise do his thing and go toe-to-toe with Laurie, but it is a pretty long movie and with that a few parts may be spooky to you because of how long they feel drawn out. I saw this movie with my wife and we had a fantastic time gawking at the fight scenes and the brutal moments that just make you go “OH” and “I cannot believe they are that stupid” so you will have the classic and always enjoyable horror/thriller experience. Like seriously how can people actually try to fight them after what he did in Halloween Kills. All jokes aside, it’s a fun movie, but if you go into this expecting a Great Gatsby cinematic masterpiece, you will be left disappointed.


-That classic Halloween movie feel is immediately present; you are instantly thrown back into this dark universe.
-Just love the introduction to Michael and how they were able to incorporate him in a way that made sense.
-Pretty great choreographed fight scenes that worked very well.
-Never gets old seeing this imposing figure costume, it is just so cool.
-Pretty crazy twist, don’t think anyone saw this coming, maybe it’s just me.
-Credits are rolling! Super fun and cheesy slasher action!

In conclusion…

The movie is tanking in ratings from pretty much most review companies, but like I said earlier, it is a Transformers, Fast and Furious-like franchise at this point, you are going to this movie to see your favorite characters fully knowing this is not going to be Forrest Gump or anything like that in terms of acting. This movie also suffered from delays during the COVID-19 era and at times you can really feel where it happened in the movie, but it is a beautifully dark and twisted movie and although it received a 4.5/10 spooks, that is just a scary rating, and does not reflect on the acting performance or structure of the movie itself. It’s a slasher of course it’s going to be a bit odd in decision-making and structure, but I promise this is such a fun watch especially if you go with a friend or two.