Importance of the phrase, “I’m proud of you”

“I’m proud of you”. It’s a phrase that seems so insignificant for most.

Some might go months without saying it and others go even longer without hearing it. For most it’s not really anything to put much thought into, but for others the sense of accomplishment and pride they feel when someone looks them in the eyes and, with their whole heart, says “I’m proud of you” is all they strive for when completing a task or setting a goal.

For me the phrase is extremely important. While I don’t expect praise for everything I do, it is a relief to hear after a hard job is completed. To know that I have accomplished something worth another person going out of their way to tell me that they are proud of me and the work I do is better than most other forms of recognition.

I strive to create things that would make not only myself proud, but others around me proud as well. I want my supervisor to be proud, my coworkers, friends and loved ones. I want my work to be something others can point to when they make conversation with their friends or other coworkers.

I want them to look at my work and say “Hey! I know this person! Look at what they can do,” or “This is my employee. They are a great asset for us and I am proud to have them on staff!”

For many the simple phrase is the only reason they keep up with arduous tasks. For many others the phrase gives them the extra motivation to finally complete hard work or to break through creative blocks or to strive even more to go further beyond what they have done before.

“I’m proud of you” is a phase that is not used often enough for how much it can affect people and their actions. It is a sign that you not only acknowledge their accomplishments, but them as a person. The phrase can stick with a person for long after the words have actually been said.

“I’m proud of you” a very simple phrase that takes next to no effort to say can mean everything and more to someone who may be stagnating. Be sure to tell someone you are close to how proud you are of them. It can mean the entire world to them.