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Both Mallards enjoying the rain and puddles under the clock tower near Archer Library

Ashland Ducks Briefly Waddle Back Onto Campus

Bryce Shafer, Design Editor May 4, 2023

The return of spring weather to Ashland, Ohio brings with it several familiar sights to campus. Cardinals are seen pecking at the early morning dirt, squirrels are seen scurrying between branches, and...

Former President Hannah Myers and current President Rhiannon Reed pictured together at EFPs open mic night in 2022

Club Write-in: Eagles for Pride

Rhiannon Reed, Reporter February 20, 2023

Eagles for Pride is a club meant to foster a safe and welcoming community for queer people and their supporters on campus. Despite the many trials and tribulations the club has experienced over the...

Be Intentionally Uncomfortable

Katelyn Meeks, Managing Editor February 10, 2023

This past weekend, I attended a conference where I got to listen to an incredible speaker, and his name was James Lawrence, aka the “Iron Cowboy.” I am not always the biggest fan of motivational speakers,...

Poetry Write-In: “I have a friend who is stripped by the west”

Prabesh Singh Sunar, Poetry Columnist November 20, 2022

I have a friend who is stripped by the west-wind that sways—mostly teeters—her branches; and her crown, once ornamented with golden leaves, these days holds rusty jewels, if any. The leaves that used...

Importance of the phrase, “I’m proud of you”

Bryce Shafer, Design Editor November 16, 2022

“I’m proud of you”. It’s a phrase that seems so insignificant for most. Some might go months without saying it and others go even longer without hearing it. For most it’s not really anything...

Poetry Write-In: The color of love (Incomplete thoughts)

Prabesh Singh Sunar, Poet October 27, 2022

Yesterday, I had a whim to inquire about the color of love; I had almost settled on red, for red is roses and roses are beautiful. Last night, I thought about this. "Love is not always beautiful." I...

The 2021 Ashland County Fair had a variety of fair food favorties such as deep fried Oreos,
lemonade shake ups, funnel cakes and so much more under the lights of the midway.

Ashland County Fair is coming to town

Katie Foster, Reporter September 19, 2022

Fresh cut fries, tractor pulls and Josh Turner can all be found at the Ashland County Fair from Sept. 18-24. Located at 2042 Claremont Ave, the fair brings a source of scrumptious fair food, exciting...

LFTE: Administration causes unmeasurable disappointment for 2022 grads

Katie Foster, Reporter September 13, 2022

The rush of sadness and disbelief was uncanny when I received a text message from the faculty advisor of The Collegian, Ted Daniels saying “Did you get a text about December commencement being canceled?”...

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