Poetry Write-In: The color of love (Incomplete thoughts)

Yesterday, I had a whim to inquire about the color of love; I had almost settled on
red, for red is roses and roses are beautiful.

Last night, I thought about this.

“Love is not always beautiful.”

I compelled my brain to order the train of my thoughts.

“Love is not always beautiful because it breaks what is already broken or at least fragile. Love robs who’s already bankrupt. Love tends to embarrass who’s already naked and imprison what can fly. This absurd love demands strength from impotent, war from caitiff, soberness from addiction and infinity of time from mortals your inability is the request of love. In addition, love has curtailed disgust,
discontent, disparagement and destruction; and how can such a feeling be just beautiful? Believe it or not, love can be of any color but red, for red is rose and
roses are beautiful, but love is not always beautiful.”

Prabesh Singh Sunar