Ashland Ducks Briefly Waddle Back Onto Campus

Both Mallards enjoying the rain and puddles under the clock tower near Archer Library

The return of spring weather to Ashland, Ohio brings with it several familiar sights to campus.

Cardinals are seen pecking at the early morning dirt, squirrels are seen scurrying between branches, and bunnies can be seen hopping their way around the senior apartments before dashing back into their bushes and burrows.

Something unexpected was sighted on Ashland University’s freshly dewed campus. A pair of common Mallards, one male and one female, were spotted on March 22 between the Archer Library and the clocktower located near the quad.

The mated Mallards wondered through the campus to the delight of many.

The anonymous social media app, YikYak was filled with duck-related chit chat.

“WHERE ARE THE DUCKS,” said one anonymous user on YikYak while several others posted videos of the ducks around various points on campus.

Sightings included the Archer Library, the AU hedges by the student center, Myers Hall, and several fresh puddles around the campus.

While the jury is still out if these are the same ducks seen on campus this time last year, the similarities are striking.

The ducks were seen in different spots, while the previous pair seemed to be very familiar with the campus.

With their supposed love of the Archer library, they can be assumed to be the same studious couple that frequented the campus last year.

Seeing as the pair are considered by many to be alumni of Ashland University it is speculated that they flew by to give to the Annual Day of Giving.

The ducks are still on campus as of March 23 spotted near the back of Archer Library. As Mallard migration season started in early March, there is still a chance to feast your eyes on our feathered friends as they start making their way across campus.

It is important to note that if you see the ducks, feeding them bread is not suggested as it may cause issues in their digestive system according to the National Geographic Society. We want our buoyant alumni to return every migration season, treating them with respect and kindness will encourage this!

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