Be Intentionally Uncomfortable

This past weekend, I attended a conference where I got to listen to an incredible speaker, and his name was James Lawrence, aka the “Iron Cowboy.” I am not always the biggest fan of motivational speakers, but I enjoyed this one. When I first began listening to his speech, I thought to myself that he was going to say the same old crap every other motivational speaker said, like “stay positive,” “don’t give up,” and “always keep going,” but this was different. He focused on being “intentionally uncomfortable.”

After he said those words, I took those to heart and personally reflected. I have had many experiences making myself “intentionally uncomfortable,” but I never realized the words to put to it. One of those being “intentionally uncomfortable” experiences, I was adding my Digital Media Journalism major.

I had always wanted to be a better writer and to have a better ability to put my thoughts into words. When I first wrote my first article, it was, in my own words, a piece of trash. It was terrible! I remember that the managing editor had made several suggestions to improve my article.

After looking at that, I felt a little defeated, but I told myself I would be better. Since that first article, my writing has improved dramatically, and I can even see it in writing this letter from the editor. I have written great headlines like the ever-popular “Moist Campus” to stories about different individuals to important news that has affected the student body. Every story I write is just one step closer to becoming great.

Adding that major was one of my experiences of being “intentionally uncomfortable,” I can genuinely say it was worth taking that first step. Since we are entering the season of love, I challenge you to be “intentionally uncomfortable,” whether going up to that crush and asking them out on a date or just saying hi and having a small conversation.

Even if you are somebody that is already in a relationship, take your date out to do something you both have never done before. Now, if you are single, find a new skill to improve on or put yourself out there again since it is February. Being “intentionally uncomfortable” does not just apply to romantic situations, but applies to every aspect of life, and the first step needs to be at your own goal or pace. It might just change the rest of your life. To leave you with some final words, be intentionally uncomfortable.