LFTE: The Beauty of Conversations

Someone asked me the other day, what is the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen, and I had a hard time even answering the question.

I mean I have been to many different places, even around the world, and seen beautiful scenery, art, beaches, oceans and buildings

I have been to Italy and seen some of the greatest works of art in history and the gorgeous hillsides of the country. I have been to the Caribbean and seen the bluest water and sunny beaches. I have experienced the joy of success and working hard over years to accomplish, but to me, none of these experiences or trips were beautiful. They always left a hole in me that was left unfulfilled.

The most beautiful thing in the world to me is having conversations with others. As a journalist, I get to experience this joy many times a week interviewing different people around campus and listening to them talk.

I have always found it beautiful when someone starts telling me their story and the extraordinary things they do for campus. I have interviewed the president of AU to students around campus and I find all the conversations and interviews to be beautiful.

One may be asking themselves when reading this, why I find having conversations with people is beautiful is because I love being able to see that spark, the laughter, and when people are so passionate about a subject they light up and something clicks. I enjoy being able to disagree and discuss ideas, the everyday, and the occasional gossip. It allows me to take the time to get to know someone like never before without making preconceived notions.

This year, so far, I have gotten to have the best conversations whether it is having arguments, spilling the latest tea and having a great philosophical discussion with my roomates to giving the best advice I can give to a friend in need of some help to meeting a new freshman to goofing around with others in the JDM department. Lots of those conversations are my best memories at Ashland University and are a new story to tell in the future.

Always value conversations with others because you never know something beautiful might just happen.