Club Write-in: Eagles for Pride


Bryce Shafer

Former President Hannah Myers and current President Rhiannon Reed pictured together at EFP’s open mic night in 2022

Eagles for Pride is a club meant to foster a safe and welcoming community for queer people and their supporters on campus.

Despite the many trials and tribulations the club has experienced over the years, it still is strong and members are excited about the potential it could do.

It started many years ago in 2015 after many different attempts and iterations of a similar club to make Ashland University a more accepting environment regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity through education, support and community, as stated in both our charter and our constitution.

After being officially chartered in 2019, Eagles for Pride has since been doing as much as it can with events like the bi-annual LGBT Q&A, Open Mic Nights, yearly Halloween parties and much more.

In meetings, we spend time fostering community with game nights, crafts and coloring, and plenty of fun and educational presentations about things like the History of Pride Flags, the reclamation of the word Queer and the effects of queerbaiting and the Hays Code.

We also have been spending time working with other DEI organizations, with events like our Speak Out Panel, and assisting with the Ball of Excellence. Not only that, but we have been collaborating with other clubs like the Ashland Center for Non-Violence (ACN) and upcoming events with Theta Phi Alpha.

We have many plans for the future and are incredibly excited to share what we love and can learn with the campus community.

With support from our excellent advisors Dr. Maura Grady and Dr. Craig Hovey, we meet every other Wednesday at 9 p.m. in Common Ground. New faces are always welcome and highly encouraged, since this is a club for anyone who wants to be there, everyone is welcome!