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Poetry Write In: A Lust for Life

R.W Keating, Poetry Columnist March 12, 2023

Oh! how I wish for eternity. To live a life with complete surety That even you, would not leave Like so many others believe. That even in death, our vows Wouldn't have time to cloud The bond we shared...

Former President Hannah Myers and current President Rhiannon Reed pictured together at EFPs open mic night in 2022

Club Write-in: Eagles for Pride

Rhiannon Reed, Reporter February 20, 2023

Eagles for Pride is a club meant to foster a safe and welcoming community for queer people and their supporters on campus. Despite the many trials and tribulations the club has experienced over the...

Poetry Write-In: Uncertainty

R.W. Keating, Poetry Columnist February 17, 2023

Everybody has uncertainty And for us it’s clear to see We love so open, so knowingly But still linger the thoughts of uncertainty We’re each too doubtful to make a move But we’re each to faithful...

Poetry Write-In: Preserve

Prabesh Singh Sunar, Poetry Columnist February 17, 2023

All night long, I remember, how excitedly and truthfully, the heart of yours would stream the moist words into the parched heart of mine. I remember, how carefully you would water my vessel, and I wonder...

Poetry Write-In: “My View”

RW Keating, Poet Columnist November 29, 2022

Behind this old building: Broken windows and boards A small shed of beige, And a landscape reservoir Streetlights and lamps, Working trucks and vans, Behind the wheel going everywhere, Yet going nowhere...

Ryan or Vance: What Does Ohio Need

Thomas Hegarty October 2, 2022

The Ohio senatorial election is around the corner, and the frequency of ads and, billboards, texts, and phone calls directed at prospective voters have increased drastically. AEveryone knows about...

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