An electric night at AU

By Josh Spector

Ashland University students came out the night of Saturday, August 27, for a get together full of dancing and socializing. The Glow Dance, held in Redwood Hall, was provided by Campus Activities Board (CAB) to welcome new and returning students back to AU. People arrived in droves to witness the flashing of the lights and to move their bodies to the beat. As soon as Ke$ha’s top ten single “Blow” hit the speakers, everyone in the hall let loose and started living it up. Along with Ke$ha, many other popular artists, such as Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Usher, Maroon 5, and Enrique Iglesias, were played.

Sophomore Malyn Collins found the dance “really fun and mature.” According to Collins, “there was good music and people actually danced instead of standing there like they did last year.”

Not all partygoers agreed with Collins, however. Upperclassmen, particularly those who missed the Foam Dance Party last year wish the event had been held again this year.

Sophomore Josh Payne felt the dance was “very lame.”

Another student said, “the dance reminds me of a high school remake. People were being very dirty and immature on the dance floor, and the music sucked. It was definitely not as good as last year.”

According to junior Megan Lilly, “the dance was impressive and people stayed for a long time.”

Newcomers, however, found the dance to be a great time to get to know each other and get out of their dorms for the night.

Freshman Will Horn felt that the dance was “something different,” and that he was able to “meet new people.”

Another freshman, Becky Wengerd, found the dance to be “awesome” and “such a good time.”

Seating and free glow bracelets were an additional touch included by CAB, and if one was tired out from all the dancing they could make their way to the colorful chairs and the complimentary lemonade and water.

Though many students complained about the heat and the claustrophobia, overall the Glow Dance was a success.