Award-winning young author publishes new trilogy

Farnsworth pictured with her third book “Fallen Snow” in the Evergreen trilogy.

Freshman Abigail Farnsworth has already published three books by the age of 18.

Farnsworth published her first book when she was 16 years old, she had always loved reading growing up.

“I never thought that I would really write books, I always thought I was going to read them, teach about them and analyze them. I never really considered writing them until I was about 15 years old,” said Farnsworth.

Farnsworth is from a town in West Virginia called Parkersburg, which is about three hours away from Ashland.

In Farnsworth’s state of West Virginia during quarantine, there was a policy at her school stating that teachers were not allowed to teach any new material, but they were allowed to give assignments for things students had already learned.

“I had a lot of free time since school wasn’t really involving much,” said Farnsworth.

At the beginning of quarantine in 2020, with all of the new free time on her hands, Farnsworth started writing her first book, titled Evergreen, a young adult paranormal fantasy romance. It took her three months to write Evergreen.

After finishing writing Evergreen, Farnsworth says “I did lots of editing. I had an English teacher who I’m very good friends with that I know in my personal life, that helped me with editing as well. I then started submitting Evergreen to hundreds of agents and publishers.”

It took about six months for this process and Farnsworth was sent over 100 rejection letters for various reasons.

“Either they weren’t looking for any young adult material, they weren’t interested in paranormal romance, the book wasn’t the right length, and whatnot,” said Farnsworth.

About six months later, Farnsworth received a phone call from World Castle Publishing, a traditional publishing company, which means they pay the author to publish their book instead of the author paying the publishing company to publish their book.

Farnsworth was offered a great deal and decided to sign with World Castle Publishing. Shortly after signing, Evergreen was published in 2021.

Farnsworth said “I just planned for Evergreen to be a stand alone novel, but it turned into a trilogy.”

Evergreen is her first trilogy of books.

After publishing Evergreen, Farnsworth published two more books, Fallen Snow and Moonlit Skies. Farnsworth has now released her fourth book, titled Scarlet Whispers, which is the first book to her new trilogy. The second book of her new trilogy will be released on October 17, titled Ruby Tears.

“I already finished the third trilogy to this series, but it’ll be released in the spring of next year sometime,” she added.

Farnsworth has received awards for Evergreen, Moonlit Skies and Fallen Snow through the Literary Titan contest. Evergreen received a silver star, and both Moonlit Skies and Fallen Snow won gold stars in 2022.

Since being out of quarantine and being accepted to college, Farnsworth has been busier with less time on her hands.

“I definitely don’t have as much time, it’s been busier obviously, and while I’ve been here, I’ve mostly been working with my editor to finish up the final draft of Ruby Tears,” she said.

Farnsworth is currently working on her next project, further details are not available on this upcoming project at this time.