Banana Splittin’ Contest sees wild year in competition

The trophies for each category

The Annual Banana Splittin’ contest took place outside of Redwood Hall this year as it was much colder than the years before. Contestants got ready inside of the building and, at 6 p.m., they were brought out to their tables to take part in the three competitions such as best costume, fastest eating group and most creative way to eat the ice cream.

The attendance was down this year mostly because of the cold weather, but was still high in spirits as the many groups got into the action.

Costumes featured Mario themes, greek life, fancy dining and frat guys.

The winner of the best costumes was the Mario group at the end of the day and the winners of the fastest eating group was once again the AU Men’s Throwing Squad. The group devoured their ice cream in the extremely cold weather much faster than any other group which led to several groups simply deeming it not worth finishing their ice cream in the cold weather, giving up altogether.

“I think these events provide a great opportunity for people to get together and have fun. Events like these make for great memories in the future,” said Brock Janowicz of the squad.

The men’s throwing squad adds to their now 20-year long streak of winning the fastest eating group of Banana Splittin’.

“It was definitely a struggle. I’m not sure how long our time was but it felt like it took a good 20 minutes to finish. I was the last one to finish on our team and toward the end I just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t the one who gave up our win streak,” said Janowicz.

The winners of the most creative way to eat the ice cream was 88.9 WRDL Board of Directors who were dressed up and playing classical music while laying out napkins with forks and knives and speaking properly the entire time with the host of the event referring to sophomore Brynn Meisse as “the Queen” throughout the entire event.

Despite the cold weather the event was what it always has been, a great event for students to come together and let loose with their friends and enjoy friendly competition and good ice cream.