Ashland University offering free flu shots for students, faculty and staff


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Ashland University Student Health Center Nurse Patty Owens gives a flu shot to a student.

Alayna Ross

Ashland University will be offering free flu vaccinations by appointment for students, staff and faculty.

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise and with cold and flu season quickly approaching, this year’s flu vaccination is more important than ever.

Although social distancing, wearing a mask, and frequent hand washing are all things that can prevent the spread of both COVID-19 and Influenza, getting a flu shot can help protect you, your family and the community as a whole. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused shortages of hospital beds, ICU beds, and ventilators. Throughout the flu season, while both the flu and COVID-19 will be circulating, hospitals may once again suffer shortages. These shortages will severely limit their ability to attend to people who are dangerously ill with the flu, COVID-19 or both.

According to a recent study published in the Journal for Virology on June 12, 2020, people can get COVID-19 and the flu at the same time and people who had COVID-19 and influenza B were sicker than those who had COVID-19 alone.

Sarah Taylor, a nurse practitioner at the Student Health Center, stresses the importance of receiving the flu shot for members of the AU community.

“As researchers work to develop a vaccine for the Covid-19 virus, please remember that we do have the power to reduce the impact of the flu in the community through vaccination”, Taylor said. “The flu vaccine may be lifesaving for you and those around you”.

Likewise, Emma Kick, sophomore nursing student, believes that students should get vaccinated.

“Getting vaccinations, such as the flu shot can help prevent an individual from getting the flu and is very beneficial, especially during a pandemic”, Kick said.

For students that are interested in receiving their flu shot, call the Student Health Center at 419-289-5200 to schedule an appointment as soon as possible, as supplies are limited. Students are required to print and complete the flu vaccination administration record form from the AU portal and bring it to the appointment. The Campus Shield Covid-19 Screening Badge will also be checked upon arrival.