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Are you TUFF enough for AU’s Powderpuff? 

This year’s game will take place at 8 P.M. at Jack Miller Stadium
Brynn Meisse
The Purple team hold up ‘W’s’ after their shutout in last year’s game.  

On Friday, Oct. 20, an eight vs. eight powderpuff game will be held under the stadium lights. 

The game will take place at 8 p.m. at Jack Miller Field. To bring more excitement to the game, each team will have coaches calling plays, the AU Marching Band will be playing for all to hear, the PA will be announcing, and each player will get their introduction at the start of the game. 

The game is put on by the department of Recreation and Wellness. Nick Sparr, the graduate assistant of programs, intermural sports, and sports clubs, oversees the event alongside the Director of Student Activities, Liz Keller. He supervises all significant events hosted by intermural like the 5K and Powderpuff. 

If interested, registration is live on Engage and IM Leagues, and sign-ups close on Oct 13. AU fraternity brothers will participate as coaches. The coaches also participate in the flag football league here on campus. Sparr says, “Last year, we had about 50 to 100 people watching, so if you want to watch, just show up. Kick-off will be at 8 p.m.” 

There will be one practice to review the rules and how the game will work. It will be from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct 18 at Jack Miller Field.  

Sparr said, “The entire event is so much fun. It brings a lot of the student body together. It is a great atmosphere with all the players, coaches, members of the fraternities, band members, and the other students on campus.” 

Lauren Bartlett, a member of the White team from last year’s game, says, “I saw flyers and participated in the same event in high school, so I signed up for the AU version. It was so much fun; I loved getting ready for the game with my teammates. We got to do eye black, braid each other’s hair, and do face paint.” 

“It’s such a fun thing to do during homecoming week, and it’s not super serious. It’s something to do one night if you don’t have anything and it’s a fun way to get involved,” says Bartlett.  

The history behind Powderpuff 

Not many know the origins of powderpuff football, but it did not originate from football. It came from a makeup tool.  

The name ‘powderpuff’ originated from the makeup tool women used to powder their faces in public in the 1940s. The powderpuff game started in the 1970s in Wallingford, Connecticut. From Viking Vibe, “The History of Powderpuff,” by Sneha Kandalgoankar explains how Judy Samaha, a physical education teacher, wanted to incorporate more girls into athletic activities.  

Powderpuff games became popular in the 70s following the passage of Title IX by the federal government in 1972,” said Kandalgoankar. Powderpuff became popular and continues to do so in high school and university settings.   

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