Student center auditorium goes purple after renovations

Aud from stage center facing audience (1)

Purple and gray now dress the Student Center Auditorium after a renovation that spanned from early December through mid January.

According to vice president of operations and planning Rick Ewing, the renovation costs about $180,000.

The project received funding from Bob and Jane Archer, as well as a maintenance endowment for the whole building.

“It was really just worn out, a lot of the seating was showing its age, some of it was even somewhat broken, [and] wasn’t working properly. The carpet was worn, the curtains, the wall panels, everything. It was time for an upgrade and hopefully we gave the facility and the auditorium some new life,” said Ewing.

The renovated room now features new purple chairs rather than the red that have sat in the auditorium since 1995.

Additionally, the curtain that has historically hung on the stage is now vacant.

“We actually made some modifications to the stage,” Ewing said. “It wasn’t really functioning as a performance stage anymore so a lot of the stage lighting [and] the curtains have been removed.”

The auditorium also received new flooring and lighting.

Ewing says more plans for renovations around campus include the café and the first floor of the library, developing the commuter parking lot where KD’s Allegro Pizza once stood, more signage around campus, and working on the USA House.