AU staff confirms late night dining will NOT be removed

Students voice concerns of student dining changing


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The AU convocation center offers numerous food options for students at a variety of times throughout the day.

Cade Cracas, Sports & Digital Editor

The Ashland University campus population has been concerned for weeks as rumors have circulated around campus that student dining services may be putting an end to its late-night dining service known as, “late night”.

While there was no official report that was the case, students ran with the rumor and were outraged with the potential of such a staple on campus being removed.

“Late night ‘hits different’ and I find that convo has the best meals at late night,” said sophomore student Connor Norgrove.

While the food items variates, the usual menu consists of hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, or nuggets and fries. At times, they also offer limited food items such as pancakes, mac n cheese wedges and a variety of other fried items.

“Light night” offers students the ability to grab food from 10 pm until 12 am at the John C. Myers Convocation Center from Sunday to Thursday night. For some students on campus, specifically, those involved in sports or extracurriculars, the opportunity to eat dinner can be missed.

Having “late night” gives students an alternative to grabbing food later at night when those outside conflicts will not be there.

Norgrove is not the only other student on campus that has expressed love for late-night dining. Ryan Ortner, a senior on campus, is often time busy during dinner hours and at times cannot make the 4-7 pm time frame.

“It is important that ‘late night’ stays,” says Ortner. “Athletes and busy students that live on campus need it for their final meal of the night, which is the majority of the students there.”

For those who enjoy “late night”, General Manager of Dining Services Frederick Geib has confirmed that the rumor is in fact false for the time being.

“Late-night dining will be open for the spring semester of 2023.  The unfortunate problem that always arises is labor which controls everything,” said Geib. “Having a large number of openings in staffing has a direct impact on the services we can offer and can change anything we do at a moment’s notice.”

While nothing is ever 100% promised, for the upcoming spring semester the student dining services have no plans to end the beloved “late night”.