Please, let me hurt someone…

By Glenn Battishill

Since the dawn of video gaming, the dream of every gamer has been virtual reality gaming, or the ability to play the game without a controller and feel completely engrossed in the world.

Unfortunately, we are far from VR gaming and what we have is miles away from being immersive and deep.

Everyone hoped that Kinect and Move would take motion controls to the next generation and into immersive gaming that has never been experienced before.

What we got were very responsive but unimaginative casual games with only vague promises of intense games that would satisfy our VR wants.

I feel like the problem is simple: we need more violent motion control games.

It isn’t a matter of violence or gore; it’s a matter of compelling game play. Imagine a game where you play a police officer involved in a shootout but you have to actually duck and dodge to avoid bullets before you can return fire with your own weapon. The game’s mechanics would be based around the game itself instead of the game being based around the mechanics that it uses.

To me at least, getting shot at in a video game is a million times more compelling than arbitrarily collecting falling coins by flailing around my living room like an idiot. Sure, both might work you into a sweat and you might run out of breath, but I guarantee when you play in front of your friends, you’d look way cooler dodging virtual bullets and shooting virtual people than you would jumping to make an onscreen version of yourself hit the set amount of bubbles.

The problem is with the accessibility of the motion control games. If my girlfriend or my mom can learn how to play a “Next-gen” game as fast as me, there’s an issue.

There is a distinct reason that games like “Yakuza” and “Demon Souls” don’t sell well but are big hits amongst hardcore gamers; it’s because they are HARD and take time to learn and master (or even just survive).

Here’s the thing; we (hardcore gamers) don’t like motion-controlled gaming. We hate the casual game scene spilling into our precious pastime. Furthermore, I play video games to be LAZY. I’m not playing video games to get fit or to work out, I’m playing video games to lower my blood pressure and decrease my stress level.

So, for the sake of us all, make a game that compels me to sweat and jump around like an idiot. Give me a game where I can fight someone with kung fu; give me a gladiator game; give me a western game where I have to draw at high noon; give me a Harry Potter wizard dueling game; give me a giant robot shooting game; AND FOR THE SAKE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, GIVE ME A LIGHTSABER FIGHTING GAME.