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Backpacking with Brynn: Earth Day 

One of the most underrated holidays is Earth Day
Brynn Meisse

An entire day devoted to showing gratitude for our beautiful planet that we call home. Earth provides us with the natural resources we need to survive and thrive. Without this planet, humans wouldn’t be able to live, which is why every day needs to be Earth Day. 

Throughout this holiday, people can be seen going into nature and cleaning. Whether it’s picking up trash that lies discarded among the flowers, or planting new trees that replace those that have been cut down due to deforestation. 

Implementing these small changes into our everyday lives will have a drastic effect on our planet. We can’t focus on only cleaning for one day, there won’t be a lasting change. 

We must do more to protect our home.  

When the world shutdown in 2020, our planet thrived.  

Travel was nonexistent which lowered CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. According to a news article by NASA, carbon emissions dropped by 5.4%. The o-zone layer was able to take a break from the fossil fuels produced by corporate manufacturing companies and airlines.  

Along with the lower rates of greenhouse gas emissions, wildlife saw an increase in their survival rates. In a study conducted by the Biological Conservation, scientist found that in 11 countries, roadkill dropped by 40%. Animals were able to roam freely in their habitats without the potential of being killed by vehicles.  

These are just two examples of how our Earth improved for the better. While it’s not ideal to shut the world down again, it is possible to be more conscientious of how you live your life. 

Making simple changes such as thrifting for clothes and furniture will have a greater impact on the environment than you would think. Even riding a bike or taking a walk will lower your carbon footprint.  

These small changes will have a positive impact on our environment and selves, but we can’t only dedicate one day to making this improvement.  

Make everyday Earth Day. 

I challenge you to be better and do better. If not for yourself then at least for Earth. We can save and protect her, but it requires everyone to do their part. 

There’s no planet B.   

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