“Minecraft,” you innovated mongrel

By Glenn Battishill

In a world where games have to have the latest graphics, multiplayer experience or really gimmicky controls to survive, it’s refreshing to find a game as good and as deep as “Minecraft.”

“Minecraft” came into the public eye last year for being a sandbox game completely driven by creativity and ideas. Set in a randomly generated world, the player is allowed to build anything out of the materials they have mined out of the ground, all while dodging the zombies and other monsters that are seeking your flesh.

If that doesn’t sound interesting, I don’t blame you; I was skeptical at first, but the game is so much more than Legos with zombies, and after getting the game for my birthday last November, I have sunk hundreds of hours into dozens of mines, castles and pyramids.

If you haven’t seen anything about it, just Google “Minecraft” and check out some of the absurdly time-consuming but amazing structures built by other players. From the entire world in the original Pokémon games to a scale Earth, the Death Star, and even the entirety of Middle Earth, it can all be found on someone’s game of “Minecraft.”

Personally, I have three pyramids, a tower, a lake house, a bat cave and a castle built between two mountaintops. I play “Minecraft” when riding in the car, during a commercial break, or even loading time between regular games.

The most interesting part of “Minecraft,” however, is that the game hasn’t even been released publicly yet. It’s currently in its beta testing phase and has sold more copies than Nintendo’s 3DS. The game officially comes out in November for PC/MAC and eventually Xbox 360.

But what makes “Minecraft” one of the best games on the market is the community and the developer’s response to them. The man behind the game, Markus “Notch” Persson, constantly updates the game and servers with new features and bug fixes. Players have set up thousands of servers dedicated to all sorts of creations.

It’s a humble game with minimal graphics with real depth and I encourage every one of you to give it s a shot and for $21.95 you can do a lot worse than a game with will give you hundreds of hours of fun.