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Five ways to make this year count

By Melanie Sudar August 15, 2013

It’s that time again: the first day of school. For some, it’s the first time at Ashland University, let alone the first time in college. For others it’s the second or third time; and for still others...

Firsts in annual Greek Week receive praise

By Melanie Sudar April 25, 2013

Between the volleyball games, and the obstacle course; the chants and the screams; the slime and the game shows, this year’s Greek Week kept the Greek Life members busy and excited. Although this was...

The Final Goodbye

Tyler: So a senior column is like a rite of passage in the college newspaper world, right Glenn? Like, we’re supposed to write about all that sappy jazz, what we’re going to miss most, what we would...

Ashland University isn’t that bad

By Melanie Sudar April 4, 2013

It may not be common knowledge, but I transferred to Ashland University last Spring. Being a transfer, I’ve had to endure a number of challenges, the most predominant being having to get used to policies...

Sports can be for anyone: show your support

By Melanie Sudar March 21, 2013

In case you haven’t heard by now, we are going to San Antonio. And by “we,” I mean the Women’s basketball team and a select few who get to cover the games. Last year, I was barely involved with...

Record crowd for women brings the energy

It’s Monday night. Campus is practically empty. But Kates Gymnasium is roaring with excitement and thrill. Both Ashland University students and members of the community packed the gym as they watched...

The only freshman on a star-studded team

By Melanie Sudar March 21, 2013

There are a lot of firsts when it comes to college. First time living on your own; first roommate; first big responsibility; and the first time you make your own decisions. But for freshman McKenzie Miller,...

Make the most of your Spring Break

By Melanie Sudar March 7, 2013

One day. That’s it. A matter of 24 hours, and you will be well on your way to the beach; to Italy; or home. Either way, a week off – better known as Spring Break – is just around the corner. And...

Stadnik producing new cooking show, “Feeding Time”

By Melanie Sudar February 21, 2013

It can be difficult to find healthy alternatives to Convo on campus. But senior Spencer Stadnik is attempting to make it easier for students with his new show called, “Feeding Time with Spencer Kane.”...

A look at AU’s Dance Team

By Melanie Sudar February 7, 2013

Senior Alexis Kesler came to college in search of both her major and a dance team. After turning down the idea of majoring in dance and choosing instead to study to become an intervention specialist, Kesler...

The worst holiday ever is upon us

By Melanie Sudar February 7, 2013

In exactly one week it will be upon us. The count downs will finish and red will be everywhere. No, I’m not talking about a zombie apocalypse. I’m talking about the worst holiday ever: Valentine’s...

Ashland University Facebook attacked over break

Over winter break the Ashland University Facebook page was virtually attacked by people who made several claims about an Ashland student who attended Steubenville High School. The posters made claims about...

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