Valentines Day tips and gifts


Cass Tolliver and Gracie Wilson

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and for some people, Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate with their significant other or their closest friends. For others, it is a silly day where the economy makes millions of dollars for no real reason.

Whether you admit to celebrating Valentine’s Day or not, this year try to make it a fun one filled with love! Even if you only buy or make your friend one small gift, or take your loved one out for a fancy dinner; either way, it is a day worth celebrating.

If you want to gift your significant other with something more than chocolates, flowers, and stuffed animals, try getting them something a little more unique and personal to your relationship. Every relationship has its own inside jokes, special meanings and significant memories that you can look back on in order to get them something meaningful.

Personalized push pin world maps, or even country maps, are trending on Pinterest right now for obvious reasons. You can order a map customized to your significant other’s liking and then whenever you travel somewhere together, you put a push pin on that specific location. This is a gift that you can keep forever and keep adding to it, too, unlike candy that will be gone in a few days.

100 things to do scratch off posters are available on Amazon for an inexpensive price and are great for when you are running out of date ideas. If you cannot pick where to go on a date or feel like you have been almost everywhere with your partner, these posters are the perfect gift for you or your significant other. They reveal adventurous and exciting date ideas under each square on the poster.
These are basically advent calendars, but for date ideas instead.

The third and final gift idea for this Valentine’s Day is couples keychains. This is a simple gift that your boyfriend or girlfriend will love. They can put it on their keychain so they have it with them all the time and can always think of you when they see it.

Etsy sells hundreds of customizable couples keychains for a reasonable price. These are simple, cute, and can pair well with another gift if you want.

If you are ballin’ on a budget like most college students, take your significant other on a thoughtful, but inexpensive date.

Some less expensive date ideas include taking a yoga class together, visiting a museum, going to an escape room, roller skating or bowling. No matter how extravagant the date is, it is who you spend it with that makes it meaningful.

Since Valentine’s Day is on a Friday this year, it is the perfect opportunity to go out with your significant other without homework being a next day concern or obligation. It is a perfect time to go out with your boyfriend or girlfriend without having to worry about the stressors that come with a school night.

Even if you do not have a significant other or a Valentine’s Day date this year, there are still ways to celebrate.

Spend this day with your best friends, or treat yourself to something nice! Valentine’s Day is about love, not about a relationship.

Some ways to spend the day with a group of friends are at the movies, dinner or bowling. For a group of girl friends, a galentine’s day where you get each other gifts is another option.

Galentines day is something that has become just as popular in the past few years as Valentine’s Day itself. There are plenty of ways to celebrate this with your friends. You could go out and grab coffee together, go to your favorite restaurant or have a spa night in your dorm. Galentines day memories are just as special as the ones made with your partner and can even inspire a yearly tradition.

Surviving this day even if you are single can look a lot more fun if you make an effort to love those around you and love yourself.

February 14, 2020 will only happen once. Be sure to make it count no matter who you will be spending it with.