Fall 2019 fashion must-haves

Cass Tolliver

For almost every season the weather dictates what we wear. While fall temperatures can seem daunting at first, dressing for the cooler weather is actually not so bad.

Fall in Ohio means layering, longer pants, big coats, scarves and boots. What is not to love?

The first item that is a must have for your closet this fall is an oversized jean jacket, or two if
you are like me.

You can never go wrong with denim, and it layers well with almost everything. Have an outfit on and don’t know what else to add? Throw on a denim jacket. I can guarantee it will match your outfit and complete the look.

Secondly, you absolutely need a teddy bear jacket. These jackets are fluffy, comfortable and will keep you extremely warm.

Although some people may think they look silly, these truly are a fashion statement of this year. You can get these jackets in black, brown, tan, or really any color, and pair them with leggings or jeans.

Next on the list are tight turtlenecks. Turtlenecks may seem very outdated, but what goes around always comes back around and that is especially true for these shirts.

Tuck one of these into a pair of skinny jeans for the perfect fall look. You can dress them up, dress them down and even add layers if need be. This is an essential article for those who want to keep it basic yet chic.

Something that you will probably be seeing a lot of this season are chunky tennis shoes. Although this trend became popular over the summer, it is definitely carrying into the colder seasons as well.

While some people are completely against chunky tennis shoes, others cannot get enough of them. The retro style is coming back fast and these shoes are apart of it. You can get these shoes at stores such as Fila, Nike or really any other shoe store.

These types of shoes pair well with mom jeans, leggings and sweatpants to just name a few of them. I personally have a pair of white Nike Huarache and they go with every single outfit. They are definitely my favorite thing in my closet currently.

Another pair of shoes that are a must have are Hunter booties, or any booties in general. Not only will they keep your feet warm, but they are super stylish. These can help to dress up any outfit or aid to keep it casual.

Booties have always been “in” and probably always will be. They are a simple shoe that can go with multiple different outfits.

Last but not least on the fall 2019 fashion trends list is plaid. Anything and everything can be worn in plaid this fall from pants, skirts, scarves, and shirts.
While plaid has always been around, this fall it has become extremely popular. It is one of the most versatile patterns that we see in almost every season. Pair your plaid with a solid color and a cute pair of shoes for the perfect fall outfit.

Obviously there are many more fashion trends and staple items for this fall than the ones I mentioned, however these seem to be the most obvious to me. You cannot go wrong with any of these items, and they will guarantee you compliments on your outfits.