Studio Rise Yoga

Hannah Predojev

Warm beams of sunlight pour into the studio; there are multi-colored mats neatly aligned on the hardwood floor. The class begins to stretch their bodies as if being pulled like pieces of Laffy Taffy. As one would say, “keep calm and yoga on.”

The Studio Rise yoga studio opened in April of 2014 and is located on Claremont Avenue in Ashland, Ohio. Classes typically last 45 minutes to an hour and there are numerous varieties of yoga offered, including: Ashtanga, Power, Slow Flow, and Vinyasa Flow yoga.

For those that do not know, these are all very unique yoga workouts specifically designed to strengthen certain areas of the body and have one feeling relaxed and at peace. The owner of the studio and one of the numerous yoga instructors, Aubrey Bates, noted how the name of the studio was created and how it ultimately exudes strength and confidence.

“We played around with all different kinds of names; there is a phrase in yoga that says “root to rise” meaning rooting down into your foundation, who you are. Out of that steadiness, you are able to rise up and beauty comes out of that. It is that image of rooting and rising up, reaching your potential,” Bates said.

Another instructor who works at the studio, Kaiti Harris, began teaching at the studio when it first opened. She acknowledged how she first discovered her love for yoga.

“It was not until May of 2013 that I really got into [yoga]. I was running half-marathons and ended up injuring my [Iliotibial Band] IT-band and had heard of a “Yoga For Runners” workshop that was offered over in Wooster; it was a five week session. I started with that and loved [practicing] yoga. I really enjoyed what I got out of it,” Harris said.

Bates explained the many benefits to practicing yoga and how one will leave their session feeling refreshed and open to possibilities.

“Yoga means “union,” so it is mind, body and soul; you are going to have physical benefits of flexibility, strength, and core stability, posture, so those kinds of things. There is also this mental benefit of leaving class feeling more relaxed and more in tune with what is going on in your mind. With soul, there is always something that we are working towards in a class; not just [physically], but incorporating how to be less judgmental, or how to be more kind or compassionate. You get benefits coming at you from all realms,” Bates said.

Harris explained that individuals who participate in yoga do not allow something as small as an injury or even carrying a child prevent them from strengthening their bodies as well as their minds. With determination and a positive mindset, one can accomplish anything.

“If someone is recovering from an injury or pregnant, we offer them modifications. We will say, “If this is too hard for you, you can ease off by doing this.” If we see somebody who is just struggling to get into something or has a look of pain or hesitation, we will ask them to go into a different [pose] or lead them somewhere else,” Harris said.

The Director of Academic Support and one of the instructors at the studio, LeeAnn Larson, began teaching individuals in January. She described how yoga has the power to ultimately change one’s outlook on life.

“Every time you come to your mat, you may be focusing on something different. Some people are trying to focus on self-improvement; other people are trying to focus on forgiveness, love, patience, or kindness. Yoga asks you to change the way that you view exercise and to really focus on beauty,” Larson said.

Bates noted how the studio is a warm, inviting place for all individuals to come and unwind; the studio is where one can forget the stresses of everyday life.

“The atmosphere, I have been told, has the feeling you get when you are at the beach; it has this relaxing [and] tranquil environment,” Bates said.

To promote the studio, the instructors post flyers around campus, pass out business cards, and are very active regularly keeping up with social media. Individuals of all ages, shapes, and sizes are encouraged to come and take yoga classes at the studio- whether one is just a beginner or has been practicing for decades, one can take away something new every session. At the studio, it goes beyond just practicing yoga; it is a place of serenity, love, passion, dedication, and determination.

Larson acknowledged that from the initial time that someone has begun to practice yoga, throughout the next few weeks or even months, one continues to better themselves each and every day.

“If the student is coming to class consistently, spending their time wisely, and coming with a focus and a real reason to be there, we see growth. It is not always a growth that we see in a physical practice, but sometimes it is an emotional, or spiritual, [even] a personal growth,” Larson said.

At the studio, all AU students are $5 per class; if one is not a student, then there a variety of yoga packages one can choose from. The classes range anywhere from the basic fundamentals of yoga, to those that offer more exposure and get individuals heavily involved. Classes cost anywhere from $15 to $75, depending on the type of package purchased.

Starting in November and running through early December, the studio is having a six-week “beginner’s workshop” offered every Sunday from 3 to 4:30 p.m. The studio website features official merchandise along with instructor biographies and much more.

For those interested, visit or, feel free to check out any of the studio’s social media platforms.