The history of AU women’s basketball winning a National Championship

The Eagles have appeared in four championships, winning two


AU Athletics

The Eagles hoist the trophy after winning the National Championship in 2013.

Ethan Jenkins, Reporter

Only one win away from taking home a national championship, the Eagles are looking to win their 3rd championship in a decade.

Punching their ticket to Dallas, Texas, the Eagles took down the Glenville State Pioneers 76-67 in the Final Four.

With one more win the Eagles would become undefeated national champions, which could be the second time in history the team went the distance without a loss. 

2012-2013 Season

Back in the 2012-13 season, the Eagles won the national championship, but with one loss in that campaign finishing with a record of 37-1. That season started with 18 straight wins until a Jan. 17 date with the Findlay Oilers, the Eagles would fall in that game, 51-66.

The loss didn’t affect the team much as they then ran the table the rest of the way, winning against the Dowling Golden Lions, 71-56 in the national title game in San Antonio, Texas. 

The leading scorer on that team during the season was Kari Daugherty (Pickens) who averaged 14.6 points per contest. In the title game against the Golden Lions, she scored 26 points on 11-19 shooting from the field.

2016-2017 Season

Then in the 2016-17 season, Kari Daugherty (who officially became Pickens) was an assistant coach when the team was undefeated all year long and went on to win the most recent national championship in program history.

The Eagles in that campaign scored 100+ points 11 times, with an offense that averaged 93.4 points per game.

The leader of the offensive attack that season was junior Laina Synder, who scored over 17 points per game and hauled in 8.8 rebounds.

In the national championship game against Virginia Union, the Eagles had five scorers in double figures, with Synder being one of them having 17 on the way to the 93-77 win.

Now, the Eagles are looking to step their way into the program’s fourth National Championship game in the past 10 years.