Ashland University’s new Student Activities Director


Bryce Shafer

Director of Student Activities, Liz Keller

Liz Keller, former three-year Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) for the office of Residence Life is now the Director of Student Activities.

Keller has several years of experience already at Ashland University and has extensive knowledge of the campus, general programming, and event organization through her time as an RLC.

Keller says the reason she took the role of Student Activities Director is “Because it’s something I have always been passionate about. As a ResLife Coordinator, I was gung ho about programming and getting the residents out there and involved. So when this position became open I realized I wasn’t ready to leave Ashland so I jumped at the opportunity.”

With this change in role Keller hopes to broaden the horizons of student activities on campus as well as wishing to involve more organizations outside of campus and in the town of Ashland to foster a community between the university and town.

Keller also hopes to bring activities such as Campus Activity Board events, home football games and other events to an even greater turnout than the pre-COVID-19 shutdown with success already being shown with the tailgating event that happened on Sept. 1 which brought over 500 collective students in throughout the day.

“The best piece of evidence to show we need these events on campus is that we haven’t had them in the past three years,” Keller said. “You can feel that there’s a lack of community and a lack of excitement about programming around campus compared to 2018 and in prior years.”

Keller is looking to change this with ongoing student support, CAB’s hard work and excitement to have a year that is “normal” compared to the last three, and new events happening this year such as the CAB-sponsored comedian slated to arrive on campus this October