Schar Ribbon-cutting

AU Beautification Project unveiled to the public.

Donor Dwight Schar speaks on the success of the Campus Beautification Project

This past Saturday, Ashland University held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new
campus beautification project.

President Dr.Carlos Campo gave the opening speech to kick off the event, mainly thanking the Schars for their efforts in helping make the beautification of campus possible.

In attendance at the ribbon cutting ceremony were the 500 new students that were
welcomed to campus and the majority of the administration.

Campo gave the opening speech welcoming everyone to the ceremony and thanking
the Schars for their contribution to the project.

During the ceremony, Ashland City Mayor Matt Miller bestowed a proclamation for the
City of Ashland to the Schars for their contribution to the university and the city.

Miller stated that the Schars had “found their purpose” in being able to contribute such
gifts to different places, especially Ashland University.

Dwight Schar spoke right before the ribbon cutting, and said that he hoped the students
would be “well-transformed” with the campus beautification project.

Finally, both Dwight and Martha Schar cut the ribbon between the two main pillars of
what will now be called “Avenue of Eagles.”