Rock band BarlowGirl comes to campus

The Christian rock band BarlowGirl comes to campus Feb. 4 in the Hugo Young Theatre.

By Lindsay Cameron

Christian rock band, BarlowGirl, plans to inspire Ashland University students spiritually during their concert this week.

The concert is a part of Religious Life’s Christian Activities Day, which brings high school students to Ashland University to experience aspects of the campus’ ministry programs.

The concert featuring BarlowGirl and opening act Me in Motion is Friday, Feb. 4 in Hugo Young Theatre. The doors open at 7:30 p.m. and the show begins at 8 p.m.

BarlowGirl is comprised of three sisters who have been nominated for ten Christian Music Dove Awards and have held the longest No. 1 Christian single streak in Radio Weekly Chart history. They recently released their album, “Our Journey…So Far,” which includes hits from their previous albums.

Sisters Alyssa Barlow, 29, (lead vocals, bass, keyboard); Becca Barlow, 31, (backing vocals, guitar); and Lauren Barlow, 25, (lead vocals, drums) have performed since the late 1990s.

Lauren, the youngest Barlow sister, said she and her sisters enjoy performing at college venues because they are loud and fun. They find that students are ambitious in their yearning for God.

“They (college students) always seem to be hungry for more,” Lauren said. “They want to know more.”

Lauren says it is their goal to challenge people that there is more to life and to impact history by living for bigger things than things of this earth during every concert.

“We get too comfortable with everyone telling us who we are, what we should be instead of asking, ‘Why was I created?'” Lauren said.

Lauren’s advice for college students struggling with their faith consists of creating a meaningful relationship. When she was younger, she said her parents told her that she needed to make her relationship with God “her own” or else it would never last. She needed to build her own relationship with God for it to be important to her.

“Don’t worry about the rules and things, but fall in love with God and find out what he is calling you to do in your life,” Lauren said.

Lauren recommends her band’s song, “Never Alone,” because it reminds listeners that God will always be near and never forsake those who seek him.

“Amazing things happen at these concerts,” Lauren said. She said people are healed both emotionally and physically.

There was once a girl in a wheelchair at their concert who needed to have knee surgery the next morning. According to Lauren, a man approached this girl and insisted that he pray for the girl’s knee. She instantly felt as though she was healed and could walk.

The next morning, she and her parents still went to the doctor, who performed x-rays. According to Lauren, the doctor said that not only did everything seem healed, but the scar tissue was very minimal. The doctor said he had never seen a knee injury heal like that, and all he had to do was remove a bit of scar tissue in the girl’s knee.

Lauren challenges AU students to come to the concert.

“If you’re hungry for God, or even if you’re not, watch him show up and see what he can do,” Lauren said. “He shows up at every single show. When you set the table for God, he does show up.”

Lauren said the sisters would be signing autographs and meeting the students after the concert.

Colleen Hord, Religious Life’s administrative assistant, scheduled BarlowGirl to perform. Each year, Hord schedules a concert according to the year’s budget. Students submit their wish lists with bands such as the David Crowder Band.

This year, Hord said BarlowGirl was able to schedule and the student body wanted them to come perform at AU.

“I’ve never had bad feedback saying, ‘We didn’t enjoy the show.’ It’s always been really great,” Hord said about positive student response to Religious Life’s concerts.

Dr. Dan Lawson, Dean for the Center of Religious Life, said the concert is special because it is a part of the Christian Activities Day. AU students can be advocates for the incoming freshman, and it is simply a good experience for AU students.

“It gives them an opportunity to engage in quality Christian music that they will enjoy,” Lawson said.

Tickets for the concert are two dollars for AU students with Eagle cards, $15 for non-AU students in advance and $20 at the door. Tickets can be purchased at the box office on the first floor of the Center for the Arts from noon to 6 p.m. this week.