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Being Muslim on a Christian campus

By Lindsay Cameron April 4, 2013

Sobbing. That’s what came from Nara Almutairi’s mother when Nara told her she was coming to America to pursue an education with her husband and her children. Nara tells me this now as we sit in the...

A week at Ashland University

Collegian Staff February 21, 2013

During the week of Nov. 12, five Collegian reporters set out to cover the campus way. Chronicling snapshots of college events, these vignettes represent Ashland University in five days—detailing academic...

Becca Ribley is a rarity

By Lindsay Cameron February 21, 2013

This happens everywhere she goes.She drives on the highway and passes another car, whose driver turns to view her vehicle passing and drops his jaw, star-ing as she drives by. She doesn’t know whether...

Senior project brings theatre students to AU

By Lindsay Cameron November 8, 2012

High school theatre students came to Ashland University’s studio theatre on Nov. 3 to have their performances workshopped by AU senior Emily Plank. As Plank’s senior project, a requirement for her...

Behind the scenes of ‘Bus Stop’

By Lindsay Cameron October 11, 2012

Act I. “Lights up,” Emily Plank said into the microphone bud on her headset.  The audience is quiet. The lights fade on to reveal character Grace, played by Johanna Regan, trying to call out on a...

Library Elevator traps three students

By Lindsay Cameron February 23, 2012

When stuck in an elevator, some people think about nothing because they are unconscious. Racheal Breeden was stuck in an elevator for five minutes when she was 13 years old, and she passed out.Others’...

Squirrel thieves a growing concern

By Lindsay Cameron February 23, 2012

On a Saturday last October, my friend Crystal and I saw a squirrel with a huge nut in his mouth and, feeling the laziness and delirium of all the studying that awaited us in our rooms on a beautiful day,...

Free Laundry is a hit on campus

By Lindsay Cameron November 10, 2011

When Casey Vocaire heard about the free laundry services at Ashland University, she said she jumped up and down, telling everyone she saw that day but not all students reacted the same way as she did....

Graduation Woes: AU’s four-year graduation rate is 42 percent

By Lindsay Cameron September 29, 2011

Ashland University is considering reducing the number of credit hours needed to graduate in light of a dismal four-year graduation rate. Currently AU students need to complete 128 hours to graduate, more...

Pianos duel in Rewood

By Lindsay Cameron September 22, 2011

The man playing a piano solo with his butt on Saturday night used to be a graphic design artist. AU students watched Landon Rocks and Brandon Kent perform for a Dueling Pianos CAB event last Saturday in...

Q & A with Sharleen Mondal

By Lindsay Cameron September 22, 2011

The availability of a gender studies minor was just one benefit of hiring full-time English professor Dr. Sharleen Mondal. Mondal applied at AU because she specializes in post-colonial literature, gender...

Dueling Pianos

By Lindsay Cameron September 15, 2011

Imagine sipping a virgin margarita, pinky up, in Redwood, partaking in mingle splendor with over 100 other AU undergraduates.Now add a wave of competitive musical vehemence, mind blowing piano skills,...

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