Facilities management updates dorms and labs

By Glenn Battishill

Every summer the department of Facilities Management and Planning work to make the campus better in every conceivable way before students return in the fall. 2012 was no exception.

But this year was something different, not only did Facilities Management have to maintain Ashland University’s campus but it was also tasked with overseeing the construction of the new Dwight Schar College of Nursing.

Vice President of Facilities Management and Planning, Patrick Ewing, said the challenges of the College of Nursing weren’t just with construction.

“A lot of resources were used to deal with moving in faculty equipment, furniture and getting all of the classrooms and labs ready for students,” Ewing said. “It’s been a really busy few months.”

On a smaller scale Facilities Management and Planning also oversaw the replacement of nearly all the washers and dryers in the dorms on campus. This replacement came as a result of the deal Ashland University made last year that resulted in free laundry and an agreement that a majority of the washers and dryers would be replaced.

Kettering also had seven classrooms converted into computer labs.

Additionally the women’s volleyball and basketball locker rooms were improved.

Some of the biggest changes on campus happened on Clayton floors 5 through 9 where some of the hallway lighting was replaced and sprinklers were added on these floors. Facilities Management and Planning also added a generator to power the safety lighting.

Ewing said some of the deferred maintenance that was scheduled for this summer was uncompleted due to the needs of the College of Nursing, but Ewing hopes to be back on schedule as the fall semester continues.

Facilities Management and Planning has also been filling time with completing work orders submitted by students and faculty.