The best of the best: Top 5 fictional presidents

By Glenn Battishill

5.Richard Nixon

History will always remember Richard Nixon for the Watergate Scandal. As a result, fiction gets to treat Nixon as the go-to President for bizarre storylines. “Watchmen” featured Nixon in his fifth term in an alternate 1985. The movie version of “Watchmen” was memorable for two reasons, an awesome soundtrack, and Richard Nixon’s crazy prosthetic nose. In “Call of Duty: Black Ops” during the zombies level “Five” you can play as a shotgun wielding Richard Nixon. In “Doctor Who” Nixon enlists The Doctor’s help in dealing with an alien menace. Best of all in “Black Dynamite” Richard Nixon fights Black Dynamite with nun chucks. It’s as awesome as it sounds.

4.Josiah Bartlett

“The West Wing” is one of the greatest American dramas ever made and probably the best political drama. Josiah “Jed” Bartlett, expertly played by Martin Sheen, is a television icon known around the world. He handled terrorists, he was nearly assassinated, his family members were kidnapped and he won the Nobel prize for economics.

3.Thomas Whitmore

“Independence Day” is an insanely stupid movie. Which is why I love it so much. At the center of all of the idiotic plot elements and nonsensical action moments is President Thomas Whitmore a former fighter pilot from Desert Storm who gives one of the most patriotic speeches in film history and personally leads the attack on the alien mother ship at the end of the film.

2.Laura Roslin

As the Secretary of Education in “Battlestar Galactica” mild mannered Laura Roslin is the last person anyone expected to become the President of the Twelve Colonies after the president and most of the cabinet are killed in the Cylon attack. Roslin is the 14th in line to become president, but she steps into her duties to lead the remaining colonists to Earth. She lead humanity through hell and half of the galaxy all the while dealing with breast cancer. No one thought she could handle the presidency but even after several coups, near extinctions, assassination attempts, and lots of controversial decisions she got reelected.

1.James Marshal

“Air Force One” might be remembered as just being “Die Hard on an airplane” but Harrison Ford gives us the most uncompromising and awesome president since Teddy Roosevelt. When Air Force One is taken over by Russian extremists lead by Gary Oldman the president himself is the only one who can save himself. He single handedly takes down seven terrorists, saves the most of the plane’s staff and takes an uncompromising stance against terrorists and tyranny. The fact that he is Harrison Ford only makes him that much cooler.