Obama stays!

By Glenn Battishill

Pre-election poles projected an almost too close to call election between Democratic President Incumbent Barack Obama and Republican candidate and former Mass. governor Mitt Romney.

In reality, the election was much more clear cut than anticipated.

Romney took an early lead as East Coast results showed many of the southeastern states, Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee and Indiana, being declared as Republican wins.

Obama took the entire Northeast.

Romney led the popular vote as the votes from the west came in.

Romney recieved votes from a majority of the midwestern states, excluding Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada giving him a projected electoral college vote count of 206.

When the entire west coast went to Obama the race came down to Ohio and Florida.

When Ohio’s 18 electoral college votes went to Obama, he exceeded the 270 votes needed to win.

In his acceptance speech, Obama thanked voters, his running-mate Joe Biden and his family.

The Electoral College will formally elect the President and Vice President on Dec. 17.

Florida was the last state to be counted and after it went to Obama the total Electoral College vote count was Obama-332 Romney-206.