Alpha Phi Bail Out raises more money than expected

By Glenn Battishill

Last week, students passing through the Student Center might have noticed people in cages asking for money. While it is always amusing to see your classmates or Tuffy in jail, the event was actually put on by Alpha Phi to raise money for their philanthropy.

The event is a long-standing tradition for Alpha Phi, although they did change the title from “cardiac arrest” to “bail out” this year. Junior, Frances DiCesare, set a goal of raising $500 but throughout the week the organization was able to raise over $750 dollars for their charity.

Another student, junior Haylee Eibl, said the event was lots of fun but also encouraging.

“I thought it was a lot of fun to see everyone on campus participating,” Eibl said. “It was great to see them support out philanthropy.”

Director of Academic Advising for the College of Arts and Sciences Heidi Jones was among the people who were “bailed out” across the week and greatly enjoyed the experience.

“I was honored to be asked,” Jones said. “It was a fun, easy, and visible way to raise some money for a great cause. I wish I had thought to be a bit more creative with my jail time. The guys after me were a crack up.”

The pair following Jones was junior Joe Griffith and senior Tim Hawk, who played a ukulele and impersonated Batman, respectively.

“Being locked up was actually fun but the experience is what you make it,” Hawk said. “I wore my Batman shirt and a Batman mask and took on the persona of the Caped Crusader for an hour.  Combined with Joe Griffith and his impressive ukulele playing skills, we were able to raise over $30 in an hour, to help further research about heart-related issues. Last year I just stood there asking people and it wasn’t fun.  This year it was definitely enjoyable for me, and it was all for a good cause.”

Hawk wasn’t above tugging at heartstrings either to get donations.

“Telling people over 1000 people die of heart-related causes each year in Gotham is something that is hard to turn away from,” Hawk said.

Director of Philanthropy for Alpha Phi, Mollie Jeck, was extremely pleased with the event.

“[The bail out] was such a success this year,” Jeck said. “I loved working with a great group of people for a great cause.”

The money raised goes into the Alpha Phi Foundation, which benefits women’s cardiac care and leadership initiatives.