Businesses on Main Street

Spend your rainy day with local Ashland businesses

Store front of Ashley’s Candy and Nut Shoppe on rainy day

When one thinks of the small town of Ashland, Ohio, Ashland University comes to mind. Ashland, Ohio’s small downtown scene has many different things to add to your rainy day schedule such as a tiny candy store, relaxing yoga studio, challenging escape room and much more. While the university provides several events for the community, Main Street buzzes with entertainment for any age.

To begin your day trip, consider visiting Ashley’s Candy and Nut Shoppe, a business that has lived on Main since 1934. This shop is known for it’s hand-dipped chocolates, fresh roasted nuts, various candies and gummies.

“The business began in 1934 as Picking’s Nut and Candy Shoppe. I am the third owner and bought the business from the Weaver family in January of 2019. I worked for them for a couple of years before eventually purchasing the business, learning the recipes and how everything was made,” Ashley Lantz, the current owner of the business, “We are a small downtown business that prides ourselves in in-person sales and customer service. We always have special seasonal items along with all of our very popular everyday hand-dipped chocolates. We have the largest selection of Jelly Belly brand and Albanese jelly beans and gummies in the area. There is definitely something for everyone!”

Ashley’s Candy and Nut Shoppe is located at 39 E Main St. and is open from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday though Friday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday.
After getting a taste of Lantz’ hand-dipped chocolates, you could walk just down the street to Masterminds Escape Room & Game Library for your next adventure. The Game Library is $5 per person for as long as the customer wants to stay and gives access to the board game selection which has now grown to surpass six-hundred games. “Ben Garrett was the guy who originally created this, and this was his hobby project which was opened in 2017. We bought it in November 2021. We have been expanding across the street, adding escape rooms and we just added new puzzle walls,” says Amanda Caito, general manager of Masterminds and sister to Owner, Pete Karakis. She stated, “As a customer, we will greet you, tell you what we’re all about and definitely offer milkshakes, since we’re kinda known for those. We get a lot of first dates too, since we are just something different to do, something fun for a night out.”

Masterminds Escape Room & Game Room is located at 33 W Main St. with differing hours of operation that can be found on their website,

After that thrill of (hopefully) escaping your challenge and enjoying some games, the last stop in this guide is none other than Rise Studios for a relaxing evening. This business is built around the value of the connection of mind, body and soul through shared experiences and many other practices.

Audrey Bates, founder and alchemist of the business says, “One Monday night in November of 2013, as [we] were leaving after [YMCA] class, a conversation took place that would be another brick in the yellow brick road to a yoga studio in Ashland. ‘The Conversation’ went like this: ‘You should open a yoga studio.’ And the teacher replied, ‘You open it and I’ll teach there.’ So the seed was planted.”

Today, Rise Studios has grown into what it is today, “ The yoga studio is no longer just a yoga studio. It has evolved into a wellness collective. Yoga means union, and the business has grown to embody that. What used to provide 60 minute yoga classes now offers a full menu of services that are ancient, time-tested, and support the mission of Wholly Living,” states Bates with pride.

For more information on scheduling, services, and pricing, visit Business hours for Rise Studios are 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.
With just this guide, alone, your day is filled with hand-dipped candy, thrilling escape games, and relaxing yoga coaching. Even the rainiest day doesn’t have to be a dull moment when you’re living by Ashland Ohio’s Main Street.