Recreation & Wellness encourages students to “move their way” with upcoming events



The Recreation Center, where both cornhole and human battleship will be held.

The Ashland University Recreation & Wellness program aims to host fun and educational events to end the 2023 semester.

The Wellness program has many events to look forward to, from the annual Easter Egg hunt on March 29 to the “Move Your Way” program from March 13 to March 31.

Wellness intern Tesfanesh McClelland has been an events and programs peer educator for longer than two years.

“Move Your Way is a challenge we put on every spring for at least the last four years. The recommended amount of moderate-intensity aerobic activity for an adult is 150 minutes per week,” said McClelland. “Campus Wellness wants to challenge students to reach this goal for this five-week program, starting March 13. Each week, we focus on a different benefit from physical health, like boosting your mood or getting better sleep.”

Participants are to keep track of their progress by entering minutes into a tracker every week for a chance to win prizes such as a blender bottle; those who complete all five weeks of the challenge will be entered to win bigger prizes.

Apart from the “Move Your Way” challenge, the Wellness program is partnering with the Student Dietetics Association to host a cooking event on March 22.

McClelland explained, “We have an Adulting: Healthy Cooking event on March 22. This event, co-sponsored with Student Dietetics Association, will teach students how to cook healthy meals for one to two people. Students will get free samples. We also get to see and use the new food lab in the convo for this event.”

Interns and recreation center workers express excitement in being able to host these events for the student body and teach the fundamentals of moving toward wellness.

“As a wellness intern, my main goal is to get students to realize that what they do now, in their early adult years, will impact them later on in life. I want the actions they take now, by participating in wellness programs, to leave a positive impact. And I truly believe programs related to self-care, mental health resources, physical activity, and life skills are very impactful for students,” McClelland exclaimed.

For more information on upcoming wellness events, flyers can be found inside every restroom or at