Movie Review: Violent Night



Violent Night movie poster.

It’s the Holiday season and what says Merry Christmas more than a John Wick Die Hard action movie where Santa is eliminating bad guys by the bunches. As always, this is a spoiler-free review of a hot movie in the box office. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Content Warning

Violent Night is rated R. So it is only fair to warn you that this movie (per the title) is violent indeed. The rating comes from bloody violence and strong language throughout the entire film.

The Plot

Directed by Tommy Wikorla, the film follows a family who has had their home infiltrated by a band of mercenaries, however they discover that someone is fighting back. That someone is Santa Claus.

The Review

Well, if you want to see Santa mowing down bad guys in a bloody and gore-filled rampage of good versus evil, this is the movie you have been waiting for.

Santa is played by David Harbour who is best known for his role in the Netflix series, Stranger Things. It is violent, fast paced, makes no sense as to why this is all happening and just fun. This movie took John Wick and added a red coat to him. I really loved it, as it’s a very unique concept that has not been seen that much with Santa being more than just a jolly-filled fellow delivering presents.

It’s not going to make you see it in the theaters three times because the acting is groundbreaking, but it will leave you going “ooh” and “ah” at the action sequences, which in my opinion, were all executed very well.

I would say this movie receives 6 out of 10 stars in terms of plot and acting, but 8 out of 10 stars in terms of creativity and execution.

In conclusion…

This movie is so brutal and so fun.

I went and saw this with a couple friends of mine and we all enjoyed a few laughs at the humor as well as the brutal fight scenes and creative ways Santa delivers the bad guys to justice. It is not a movie that you should go see on a date by any means as it is pretty gory and it’s probably not a movie you’re going to really enjoy by yourself. This is 100% a movie where you go see it with a couple friends before Christmas break as a “Hey guys, let’s do something fun before we all go home.”

I do recommend seeing this because I had a blast watching it and really appreciated the creativity and honestly love just seeing Harbour on the screen.

From us all at JDM, enjoy the Holidays!