I’m voting for Donald Trump

Joe Beaver, President, College Republicans

“The Pursuit of Happiness”

The degradation of American politics began when we started looking at figurehead politicians to solve our problems; we no longer assumed our rightful place to better our communities by our own hands. There was a time when we did not shout to the skies about the woes of our circumstances but looked to our faith, our families, and our friends for support. Responsibility was once the mechanism for pursuing personal happiness, not its antithesis. This is when America was great.

The truth? We the people have become complacent with politicians determining our destiny. We remain content in our isolated perceptions of the World, 

hypersensitive to particular issues that fit our understanding, while ignoring those that do not. We assume ourselves to be the authority between right and wrong and expect that those we elect will carry our values into effect, as we see fit. Yet, we fail to govern our own lives, to assume the responsibilities of community, to boldly change the world one interaction at a time. We would rather be angry at the particular information that is cropped, edited and fed to us. I say to you, this election is about the death of the citizen.

Making America great again is far more than an orange reality tv star that got elected President. It is a second chance for Americans to begin shaping their own lives, once again. Say what you will about him – the President does not assume himself to be the determiner of your destiny. His reelection slogan can be more properly understood as a call to action: Keep Making America Great. It is your hands that will shape your town, your county, your state, and, consequently, your Nation. The American soul breathes life once again when you, the American citizen, seeks to better this land, above and beyond casting a vote every election cycle.

Individual success starts with your financial independence: the ability to choose your own career and healthcare. When the economy booms, you have more opportunities to get an education. A child’s path should not be limited to a zip-code when entering their schooling years. As children grow into adulthood, financial independence allows them to start a career, start a business or start a family, among many other paths – no matter their origin. As Americans, we cherish the success of all people. The success of women to make choices in America begins with their right to be born.

If America is to be the land of opportunity it once was, being continually preserved by the hands of each citizen of particular races, colors, and creeds, then financial tools must be present in each community. Law enforcement must be strong so that financial opportunities for prosperity can exist in every community – urban and rural, North and South, East and West. No country can prosper by tearing itself down. If the police in your area are corrupt, then become a cop, or support your neighbors in doing so. If the bank in your town is hesitant to issue loans to those that need it most, start your own credit union, or support your neighbors in doing so. Form group healthcare associations with your neighbors to expand coverage and lower premiums. Be the change you want to see in your community.

Whether in the heart of Ashland or the downtown of Cleveland, the protection of your community, from the forces of harm, requires that you utilize your right to keep and bear arms. So too, must we protect our communities from the effects of climate change by investing in corporate innovation of technologies and supporting trade deals with China that prompt a switch from soft coal to natural gas. A competition of many energies prompts the perfection of those that top America’s need for quality and efficiency.

America needs a government that aspires to be as good as its people, as its Founding principles, as its promise to the world that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from this Earth. The sword of government cannot be America’s savior – we will be disappointed time, and time again. I am voting for Donald Trump because I believe our nation is best when we are trusted by our leaders to make our own lives, our own families, and our own communities great again, each and every single day.