How to stay busy during quarantine


Cass Tolliver

Due to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, many people are staying home in quarantine to prevent the spread of the virus. While this is an effective way to keep citizens more safe and healthy, quarantine can lead to major boredom.

College students are no longer on campus with their friends, classes, and other activities that would normally keep their schedules booked throughout the week. While being quarantined is not ideal for social life, there are ways to make it a little more entertaining.

Take this time for yourself, including your mental and physical health.
Waking up earlier in the day leads to being more productive throughout the day, getting better sleep quality the next night and having more energy. If you wake up early, you can fit many more things into your day than you normally could.

If you do wake up early, this would be a great time to incorporate a skin care routine. Since skin is the largest organ of the body, be sure to take excellent care of yours. Washing your face will also help wake you up even more.

Others things to do early in the day include stretching, making your bed, eating breakfast, making coffee, getting dressed and organizing your room. You do not need to fully clean your room at 7:30 am, however tidying up little things can make you feel more productive and more in control of your day.

On the physical health aspect, doing an at home workout, yoga or any other type of exercise will aid in keeping your body in shape and feeling it’s best. At home workouts can be as simple as lifting weights and weight training, or more intense like hitt or running on the treadmill if you have one in your home.

Your body should still be getting the everyday activity it needs, even though you are not physically walking to classes or able to go to the gym/recreational center.

Get caught up on school work.
While school work is one of the last things any of us wants to think about, getting ahead on your online work will help you in the end.

This could include attending online lectures, doing homework or writing assignments or taking online exams. Not every class allows you to work ahead, but you could get ahead on the ones that do.

Another way to possibly enjoy doing school work is to do it outside. Depending on where you live and the current weather, you could take your laptop and other school materials to your back yard or porch to enjoy some fresh air while studying.

Spend time outside in nature.
As mentioned before, you could take your school work outside for fresh air. However, if you do your work inside and still want to get outside there are multiple things you could do including going for a walk, playing with your dog, reading your favorite book and sunbathing.

Going for a walk, or riding a bike, can clear your mind and calm you down during this stressful season of life that we are all in. Along with that, it will also get your legs moving which plays into your physical activity.

Be productive.
I feel like it is extremely easy to be lazy all day long since we are all cooped up in our homes, but being productive will change your attitude on the entire situation.

One way to be productive is spring cleaning. Clean your entire room and closet, and get rid of any unnecessary clutter, clothes, etc. While this could take you almost a whole day, or multiple days, to complete, you will feel more organized and refreshed once the job is finished.

Another way to be productive is cleaning or washing your shoes, cleaning out your makeup brushes, or doing laundry. Productivity leads to a more positive mindset, and positive mindsets are one of the only things that will get us through this quarantine.

Binge watch Netflix.
After all of the productivity, your body will need to rest for a little while. Netflix offers hundreds of good shows to binge watch. Here are a few of my favorites:
New Girl
Gossip Girl
Love is Blind
Jane the Virgin
The Bachelor
Some other ways to rest and be lazy are watching movies, playing board games, scrolling through social media and making TikToks. During this time school work is important, but doing things that you actually enjoy doing are even more important.

Wind down at the end of the day.
When your day is coming to an end, winding down is a key essential for your mental health. This helps your body transition from being up and productive to a time of rest.

Some ways to wind down include showering or taking a hot bath, doing a face mask, journaling or reading your favorite book or online shopping.

During this quarantine it is important to remember to do what makes you happy. Social distancing is not something that is easy, especially in the world we live in today where we are almost always surrounded by other people.

It is confusing and upsetting that self-quarantine is the best solution to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, but at this point we have to listen to what the officials are telling us. Soon enough we will be able to go about with our regular schedules, but until then stay safe and sane.