Spring Breaker’s Checklist 2020

Take some time to catch up with friends back home if they have the same spring break as you

Go visit friends at other universities and brighten their day while they are still in school

Go on a hike or a nature walk

Take a trip with College friends

Do some spring cleaning (it may not be fun, but your room will look so much better)

Clean out your closet and donate clothes you do not wear anymore

Look up organization videos on YouTube for cleaning inspiration

Go to an indoor water park such as Kalahari of Great Wolf Lodge

Play some basketball in the spirit of March Madness

Take a well deserved rest Only half a semester to go!

If the sun makes an appearance without snow, take advantage

Don’t get “Instagram jealous” if you are not going on spring break, find your own fun

Check out Otherworld or COSI in Columbus, Ohio

If you are a bookworm, catch up on some pleasure reading you did not have time for during school

Take a trip to Cleveland, Ohio for the art museum or the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

If you have a job in your hometown, pick up some hours to get some extra cash

Go for a bike ride and take in the sights
Gear up for baseball season. Opening Day is March 26

If spring break is a staycation for you, work on plans for an epic summer vacation

Explore somewhere you have never been

Go see a concert or a musical happening near you

Watch a TV series you have been meaning to see but have not had time for (because…school)

Plan for summer by looking for jobs and internships or for clothes to contribute to that summer aesthetic

Do something impulsive (decide to go to Chicago, grab some snacks, make a playlist and hit the road)

Check in with extended family and let them know you made it through the semester
Pinterest, my friends. It is a great way for ideas to become a reality because (most) recipes are easy to follow and the crafts actually work

Learn a new skill such as cooking, painting or playing the ukulele

Coordinate a time to meet up with college friends if you do not want to spend the week away from one another

Go to a zoo or aquarium

Go shopping or thrifting for some new spring fashions

Walk your dog every morning. They will love it and you can get a chance to meet those new neighbors…or blast your earbuds, your choice

Visit a teacher at your high school who made an impact on your life

Pick out some plants, both indoor and outdoor, to brighten up your house for springtime