Spring back into action as temperatures rise, sun returns

By Dan Griffin

Now that winter is wrapping up, and spring break and all its debauchery have passed, it’s time to appreciate the joys of the new season. (Warning: Exposure to spring may increase chance of bee


March 21 marks the official first day of spring. We Ohioans are used to leftover snow patches, chilly walks to Convo and intramural cancellations due to swampy conditions.

Many students are happy that the cold has ended and are ready to resume their outdoor activities.

Sophomore Spencer Stadnik is welcoming the new season with open arms.

“I’m an outdoors guy, so the winter is a real drag,” he said. “I hope to one day live in the wilderness with few provisions. Nothing but the clothes on my back and tools for survival.”

He added that his favorite outdoor activity, kayaking, is such a stress reliever that he is noticeably different without it.

“In the winter, seasonal affective disorder really gets to me,” Stadnik said. “The winter activities can be fun but there’s nothing like breathing in the fresh air of the spring season.”

Other students appreciate spring in much less strenuous ways. Junior Sara Pianecki enjoys some relaxation on the green.

“My entire my family is made up of golfers,” she said. “In the summer we golf every Sunday and I’m really excited for that.”

She also pointed out that it’s not the performance that matters but rather the way you experience golf.

“I’m not the best golfer, but it’s certainly relaxing just being in the sun,” she said. “I often lie in the quad and take a nap.”

Some students believe that winter is a hindrance on simple daily living. Sophomore Scott Steiber often feels uncomfortable during the winter months.

“I’m looking forward to all the snow being gone,” he said. “I hate walking through all the slush because it gets my shoes wet. I also can’t wait to wear my hoodies around campus instead of having my big winter coat everywhere I go.”

He also said he feels somewhat stranded during the winter months.

“The worst part about winter is having to brush all the snow and ice off my car,” he said. “I haven’t been to my car in forever just for that reason.”

Junior Tom Julian said he believes that his grades improve during the spring semester.

“Spring semester is much better than fall semester because in the fall you get tired of school work and then the weather hits you making it an extremely hard time. However, in the spring when all the homework mounts up, it’s really nice out and helps me stay happy.”

Regardless of how you enjoy your spring semester, it’s been a rough winter. With temperatures averaging 29 degrees this year, almost everyone is glad to know warmer weather is around the