Rain, melting snow causes minor flooding on campus

By Glenn Battishill

As many students emerged Monday morning gaping at the waterlogged campus, the crews of Facilities Management and Planning were hard at work trying to combat the flooding and water damage around campus.

Starting early Monday morning, crews addressed water problems in the following places:


  • The band room in the Center for the Arts was flooded as a result of a slow drain outside the doors to the building. 
  • The lobby on the first floor of Bixler was flooded with water that spilled in from the courtyard outside Clark.
  • The Seminar room in Founders flooded when the drain on the stairwell failed to keep up with the large amounts of water.
  • Myers’ basement also flooded when the outside drain couldn’t keep the water out.

The clean-up crews extracted the water from the carpet, sprayed the area with anti-bacterial spray and set up fans and dehumidifiers. On Tuesday, the crews shampooed the carpets.

Vice President of Facilities Management and Planning Rick Ewing said that the crews are used to dealing with heavy rainfall with no issues, although this was the most rain they’ve dealt with in years.