Social being held for women’s heart health

Bailey Bretz

The Red Dress Social is a new event that Alpha Phi is holding on Friday November 13.

The social, which is being held at Redwood from 7 to 9 p.m., is open to all students and will

have many activities for people to take part in.

“The Red Dress Social is brand new,” said Alex Polasky, the Vice President of marketing

for Alpha Phi. “It has an all you can eat s’mores bar, which is our main attraction, and then we

are going to be doing some of the games we’re going to have at our gala.”

Alpha Phi has traditionally held a Red Dress Gala, which is a sit-down dinner with a

silent auction, but due to factors such as tickets that cost in the $30-40 range they decided to hold

another event that is more suitable for campus.

The event is not just designed for students to have fun, but it is also raising money for a

worthy cause.

“Our philanthropy is the Alpha Phi foundation, which goes towards women’s cardiac

care and women’s heart health. So all of the proceeds from the Red Dress Social, as well as the

Red Dress Gala, will go back to the foundation,” said Polasky.

There will also be some games at the social, where students will be able to win some

“We are going to have a two-liter toss, which is a ring toss. We are going to have two-

liters set out and if your ring lands on a two liter of soda, that bottle gets to go home with you,”

said Polasky.

In addition to the two-litter toss there will also be Plinko, similar to the game on The

Price is Right, where wherever the chip lands shows what prize is won. These prizes include gift

cards, sunglasses and more.

The Red Dress Social is something that Alpha Phi is certainly excited about.

“It is going to be amazing and super fun,” said Polasky, “You can eat as many s’mores as

you want play as many games as you want. Everyone, when they walk in the door with their

ticket is going to be put into a big pot and we are going to pull one out and we have two

awesome door prizes.”

One of these prizes is an “all you can want college snack pack” that will pack full of

treats to snack on.

Alpha Phi will be selling presale tickets throughout the week. They will be in convo on

Wednesday and Thursday during both lunch and dinner. The presale tickets cost $2 and tickets

will also be sold at the door, but it will cost $3 to buy tickets then.