Student and Staff Recognized during the 2023 Academic Honors Convocation

University president Dr.Carlos Campo delivers the opening speech for the honor’s commencement.

Ashland University’s annual Academic Honors Convocation was held on April 23, 2023.

The event is meant to shine a light on the students and staff who have achieved high academic and professional honors throughout their academic careers at AU.

AU President Dr. Campo started the ceremony congratulating all those who were to receive awards and acknowledgment for their accomplishments during their time at AU before handing the podium over to Dr. Amiel Jarstfer for the presentation of staff-specific awards.

The first award of the ceremony was the appointment of the Edward and Louaine Taylor: Excellence in Teaching award, which was earned by Chair of the Psychology Department and Professor, Dr. Diane Bonfiglio.

The Trustees’ Distinguished Professor award, which has not been given since 2009 with Dr. Jeffery Weidenhammer’s appointment was also appointed during the ceremony.

The podium was then given to Shawn Orr, Dean of eAshland, to present awards to the many students ranging from sophomores to graduating seniors.

Over 70 students received recognition for their achievements and accomplishments at Ashland University which consisted of sophomores receiving an engraved leather bound journal, juniors awarded a trophy in the shape of an eagle, and seniors presented with a medallion to be worn with their regalia during their graduation ceremony.

After the awards were presented and recognition given the ceremony was then concluded with a speech from Student Senate Academic Executive Officer McKenna Cline before the assembly congression was dismissed.