Budget Update: Faculty cuts continue to be made at the end of the semester


Nick Stupka

Professor of Mathematics, Gordon Swain, addresses concerns over the handling of faculty contracts. In the April 14 Faculty Senate meeting.

By the end of the fiscal year, the budget deficit is expected to land at the $2.7 million mark initially approved by the Board of Trustees, according to AU President Dr. Carlos Campo.

“It looks like we are on track to meet the budget, which will include the $2.7 million deficit,” said Campo.

There are expected to be no additional cuts made, but going forward, the focus will be on driving revenue for the university.

Campo believes that the administration would have “loved to do better”, but had to meet the deficit of $2.7 million already approved by the Board of Trustees.

The final verdict on a budget of whether the goal of the $2.7 million deficit will be determined on May 31 when all the numbers are in and when the budget for the year is complete.

Enrollment projections are up for next year’s incoming group of students, which will help the budget for 2024, Campo said..

The budget deficit was first announced during the Faculty Senate on Dec. 9 that it was at roughly $4 million.

Two working groups were created, the academic and non-academic, to identify cuts to reduce the deficit.

During a town hall meeting on Jan. 10, it was announced that around 20 full-time employees would be cut from the university.

The first round of cuts was 13 to 14 full-time staff, but 20 employees are expected to be cut by the end of the semester.