Students travel to Las Vegas for National Association of Broadcasting



This is not the first year AU students have found success at the IBS awards as both AUTV-20 and 88.9 WRDL have been recognized before.

Every year the National Association of Broadcasting holds a convention in Las Vegas.

This convention brings in over 80,000 people from all across the world who have a passion for the growing field of broadcasting and takes place in the Las Vegas Convention Center, which is broken up into four halls, and NAB uses three of them.

The halls consist of different exhibits that show off highly advanced equipment.

One of the exhibits showed off a virtual set. The talent would be on a green screen, but the monitor would show them on a news set.

While the exhibits provide insight into the growing field, smaller meeting rooms allow people to discuss their stations and new ideas to implement.

One of the speakers was Mike Hulvey, CEO of Neuhoff Media, who uses the marketing campaign “when you focus on good news, you get more of it.”

He uses this slogan for a news segment that only focuses on the good that is going on in his community. This segment helped Neuhoff Media to raise $1 million for an OB unit in his community.

Radio has the power to change lives and communities for the better; however, many car companies are failing to recognize the importance of radio.

One of the issues discussed at the convention is electric car manufacturers are trying to take out a.m radio because companies say the electric motors and charges are interfering with the AM signal.

That interference violates Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Part 15 Rules which prohibits specific amounts of interference.

Members of NAB are lobbying against this because a.m radio is vital for emergency communication.

When power is out during a natural disaster, AM radio is where many turn to for information regarding the weather and how to get help.

The fight to keep AM radio in cars is ongoing and won’t be easy.