Sims makes a lasting impact on campus community, arts

Tiffany Sims asks a question to Congresswoman Erin Houchin at a colloquium on March 31.

Senior Tiffany Sims has made a lasting impression on the community of Ashland University during her four years on campus.

Hailing from Texas, the triple major in Political Science, Religion and Theatre followed her older siblings to AU.

“[Naomi and Nathan] both had incredible experiences [here],” Sims said. “When it was my turn to find a college, I knew that they loved the school and that it was a great community. I heard amazing things about the Ashbrook Program and knew that was something I wanted to be involved in.”

“Coming here felt like I received that confirmation and this was where the Lord was calling me,” she added.

In terms of academics, Sims discussed her triple major, “Three majors sometimes feels like a lot.”

“When I came to Ashland, I knew that I wanted to be a Political Science major. I love the Ashbrook Program’s approach to teaching you what it means to be a good human being, a good citizen,” Sims said. “For the Religion program, to me it’s important to learn more about my faith and incorporate that into what I want to do in the future with my career.”

Sims is heavily involved in the Ashbrook Program as well as the Ashbrook Theater Company in addition to the AU Theatre Department. She currently serves as the president of Alpha Psi Omega, the AU theatre honorary.

“I have always loved acting, loved theater, loved film,” she added.

Throughout her time in the arts, she has participated in various plays including Enemy of the People, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Little Prince, with the latter being her favorite production.

Sims directed and coordinated the 24-hour theater production. Recently, she was also a student director for the production of Sun Dried in the ten-minute play festival.

Sims is known most notably on campus for her role as executive president of the Student Senate. She has served on the Student Senate executive board for three years in multiple different capacities.

“[Student Senate] was very impactful on my educational experience,” Sims said. “I learned a lot about leadership and what it means to work with other student leaders and how to communicate with one another and how to try to build an atmosphere of respect. We really try to find positive solutions to things.”

Sims acknowledges that her time in the Student Senate was met with the ability to meet with faculty and staff members and administrators, focused on helping students.

“The small things, the big things, to me, those are just a testament to how student leadership can impact things, and by service, you can have a positive impact on students’ lives,” she added.

Sims emphasized how many important people she sees and interacts with on campus on a daily basis.

Through her time at AU, she expressed that the interactions and community she experienced will always be her favorite memories.

In the end, she expressed her excitement for the future.