AU women’s soccer participates in community growth projects

The Eagles continue to support members of the community in the spring


Gage Eldridge

The Eagles continue to help the younger athletes in the surrounding areas.

Gage Eldridge, Reporter

The Ashland University women’s soccer team practices with the youth of Ashland during their off-season in the spring semester. The AU women’s soccer team has partnered up with the youth soccer club Ashland United. Every Monday Ashland United comes to the Niss Athletic Center to learn new skills.

The Eagles split off into multiple groups to teach the kids new drills and to play fun games with them. The drills vary depending on what the head coach of the AU women’s soccer team Cayleb Paulino comes up with. 

We have taught them skills that vary from communicating and working with others to dribbling and learning to pass the ball and play with a purpose,” said freshman Natalie Miskerik.

The team is big on the community that supports them. Coming off of 150 hours of community service from the fall. The Eagles have already done 215 hours of community service already this spring.

“Service has been a big piece of our program, we have an incredible platform and opportunity to give back, especially to the community of Ashland,” said Paulino.

The AU women’s soccer team has enjoyed the experience a lot. They have found that even at a young age these kids are able to do some very incredible things on the field. 

Some of the girls on the team and that have played on the team played in local youth clubs here in Ashland growing up.

“I was one of those kids one time, it is really fun to see them in the community and to have fun and make an impact on the community,” said sophomore McKinley Mendenhall.

The Eagles are doing such a good job giving back to the community that means so much to them. They are also preparing these young kids to be the future of the sport and possibly future Eagles for the men’s and women’s teams.